The Logo of Taekwondo Korea Center

TKC Logo(투명).png

     Taekwondo Korea Center (TKC) is proud of our outstanding masters, curriculum, zealous goals, passionate spirit, and our logo. Our logo is a lot more than a design; it expresses some of our core characteristics. First, our identity as Taekwondo Korea Center is firmly stated in our logo by the circular design in the middle and the black trigrams that allude to the Korean flag, and the letter T—as in Taekwondo—that is inscribed in the middle of the circle. All that we do is on the basis of the Korean martial art, Taekwondo. Following the World Taekwondo Federation's guidelines, we strive to teach the most accurate and universal Taekwondo that is not altered by our personal philosophy. Secondly, the "doors" on the either sides of the circle represent the opened and welcoming heart of the staff here at Taekwondo Korea Center. Lastly, the "roof" of the logo symbolizes the unity of the "TKC family."


the logo of TKC Seraphim demonstration team

     Taekwondo Korea Center Seraphim Demonstration Team (TKC Seraphim) was started with Grandmaster Lim's desire to unite Taekwondo martial artists to share and express the world of Taekwondo. Surrounding the familiar circular design in the middle is a pair of wings, which are to signify the word "Seraphim". Alluding to the Bible, "Seraphim" are angelic beings who belong to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierchy, associated with light and purity. Being the TKC Seraphim, the team strives to shine brightly through Taekwondo, sharing the hopeful, pure, and good messages to the world.